The 3 Best Design Ideas For an Outdoor Kitchen


Many homeowners are looking for ways to maximize the entertainment and fun they have at home, which means expanding their indoors to the outside and creating a beautiful backyard oasis complete with an outdoor kitchen.

These outdoor spaces can make entertaining family and friends easier and give you a lot more options. Here are some of the best design ideas for outdoor kitchens.

1. Poolside on a Gorgeous Deck

Many people love the idea of having their food prep and enjoyment area somewhat separate from their pool, but still accessible. That means creating a designated space on your patio area that can house a grill or even a full outdoor sink, stove, pizza oven, and refrigerator.

Being able to cook and dine al fresco allows you to maximize your outdoor living space and enjoy having the pool right there. 

When it comes to decking materials, the options are truly endless. A variety of stone options, brick, and even the popular wooden shiplap are all great options for building an outdoor kitchen.

Imagine stepping out onto your patio and putting the plate of steaks down on the counter next to your grill and looking at the glittering blue water of your pool just a few yards away. Your kids are splashing and playing, working up an appetite for the incredible dinner you’re about to serve!

2. A Covered Gazebo For Cooking and Relaxing

Another outdoor kitchen option is to have it situated further away from your house and pool area, creating a completely separate dining and cooking area. This can be especially useful if your pool is a bit of a distance from your home, and it wouldn’t be easy to walk between them with food and dishes.

Gazebos are a great covering option for your outdoor kitchen, but you’re not limited to that design. You can have a solid roofing material, think copper or shingles, as well. Want to make it more appealing?

Be sure to include recessed lighting or even a chandelier to enhance the ambiance. Think about adding more features to your covered area, including relaxed seating around a fireplace, fire pit or chiminea. 

Having a stand-apart gathering area can be helpful if the adults are enjoying time together while kids play separately.

3. A Covered Bar For Enjoying Drinks & Snacks

Some just want something more casual to enjoy. Are you looking for a place to enjoy drinks with friends at your pool? If so, your ideal outdoor kitchen could take on the look of a covered bar, complete with a raised countertop and bar stools. This is an excellent option if you plan on entertaining adults regularly — you can even have a television on the bar to catch the big game! 

Your Huntsville Outdoor Living Experts

Today’s outdoor living spaces aren’t just for a place to swim, they’re often an extension of your home and designed to be a fully functional space for entertainment and relaxation. People love to be able to escape their daily lives without ever leaving home. 

If you’re considering a new inground pool or an outdoor kitchen, we’d love to chat. The outdoor living experts at Johnson Pools & Spas will work closely with you to design a space that meets your needs, is aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your home. Give us a call to schedule your design consultation today!

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